Driving to Tofo

Before packing the car there are a few things you need to know

Tofo Mozambique
Tofo Mozambique
Tofo Mozambique
Tofo Mozambique

You will need the following papers for your vehicle:
Ownership papers (owner must be present or have signed a verified letter of consent)
If the vehicle has a bank loan on it you must get a letter from the bank approving the border crossing.
Rental vehicles must have a letter of permission from the rental company allowing cross border travel.
In the vehicle you need to have two warning triangles, a refelective vest, and country of origin stickers (as above)
You only need the yellow triangle if you are towing a trailer/boat.

Visas passports and other bothersome paperwork bits

Tofo Mozambique

Each person crossing needs their own passport valid for at least 6 months with one clear page.
Passports that are expiring soon, torn, scruffy, damaged may be refused entry!
Also note for taking children across the border you will need a certified un-abridged birth certificate for each child.
South African Passport holders are allowed 30 days visa free, nearly every other passport should get a visa before arrival at thier local embassy or in the consulate in Johannesburg or Nelspruit (takes one day to process)

Tofo Mozambique

Now you can leap into the car and head out to a new adventure...

Tofo Mozambique

...and it will be an adventure, if you start in South Africa you will need to cross the border, have all your papers in order and be prepared for queues .. even on a quiet day it can take an hour to leave one country and enter the next... during holidays this time can be 4 or more hours.
So plan your trip well leave home so you can arrive at the border as early as possible - 6 to 8 am if possible, this way even with long delays you can still get to Tofo in the light, the problem in the dark is you cant see the potholes and the stary animals that wander into your path, if no delays then sunset cocktails on the beach are in order.

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